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Double Bass Instruments, Upright Basses for Sale

Welcome to Upton Bass String Instrument Company of Mystic, Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts. Upton Bass specializes in building custom handmade double basses with designs developed over years of working closely with some of the worlds finest bass players.  A restoration shop since the beginning, Upton Bass stocks and service historic and fine vintage double basses. We have also developed the UB Standard line for those on a budget, built in our shop alongside our finest instruments.

Every Upton Bass instrument is built in our workshop in Mystic.  Please click on the red barn for a quick tour of our home!

Our bass models combine our love of tradition with a modern sense of tone, ergonomics and design. Models such as the Concord, Brescian, Mittenwald and Bohemian upright bass reference classic instruments from America and Europe, while the Karr and Bostonian represent original directions based on our collaborations.

Upton Bass instruments have won worldwide acclaim and awards, but we are proudest of the list of musicians who play Uptons - artists including Gary Karr, John Pattitucci, Harvie S, Eric Revis, Marc Johnson and Lynn Seaton.  Their musical insight and feedback are reflected in every instrument we make.  And every Upton is proudly made in the USA - from the first tonewood selection to the final setup, all Upton Bass double basses are built by hand in our workshop in Mystic, Connecticut.

Our Boston, Massachusetts location serves the professionals and students of Boston's music school and Symphony Hall area.  The Boston shop has a selection of Upton and vintage basses, strings and accessories, and offers bass repair and fine bow rehair and restoration services.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of strings, pickups, bags, amplification and accessories each developed or rigorously selected to meet the needs of the modern double bassist.  Our repair and restoration services range from a simple adjustment to a full blown rebuild of a bass in a thousand pieces!

Please don't hesitate to email sales@uptonbass.com with any questions or give us a call: (860) 535-9399