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Accessories for double bass - bass bags, pickups, cases strings and more

At Upton Bass, we believe that our customer service and dedicated workshop staff are what makes us stand out from other companies. We stand behind (and use) most every double bass product that we sell. The time and attention that we put into finding and selecting all of our products allows us to make recommendations with confidence.

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Upton Bass carries the full line of accessories that you would expect from a market leading double bass specialty shop, such as strings by Thomastik, Pirastro, D’Addario, Velvet and our own Blends & Brands; Pickups and Amplifiers from Acoustic Image and David Gage; bows from Coda; Tuners from Korg & Intellitouch and a complete line of Books from Gary Karr, Rufus Reid, Dr. Morton and others. Upton Bass also offers an unparalleled selection of products developed by or for us, such as Revolution Solos Double Bass Pickups, UB Deluxe & DeLaVille bass bags, Clef Gut Strings, UB Transport Wheels, Clef Endpin Tips UB Workshop Bows, and of course our own handmade line of double basses; and with over 800 carefully selected items expressly for double bassists that we have used ourselves, we feel confident you'll find exactly what you are looking for!


Bass Strings

Strings for Double Bass

Double Bass Amplification

Pickups & Amps for Double Bass

Double Bass Bags and Cases

Bags & Cases

Double Bass Bows & Bow Accessories

Bows & more

Bass Transport Wheels

Bass Transport Wheels

Bass Repair & Maintenance Parts

Apparel for Bassists

Double bass Apparel

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Ebony Parts for Double Bass

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Bridges for double bass

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Endpins for double bass

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