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Velvet Double Bass Strings Garbo, Anima, Compas 180, Blue

Velvet Double Bass Strings

Velvet Strings Made in Switzerland

Upton Bass String Instrument Co. is proud to announce we now carry Velvet Bass Strings!  Velvet Strings from Switzerland offer handcraft contemporary computer-aided string design in a quest for the most beautiful, expressive sound of all.  At Upton Bass, we know what it's like to have a great sounding instrument, and Velvet strings are an integral part of that.

Velvet believes, round full tones and the greatest possible sound transmission are achieved by uniform unloading of the bridge. The strings have been designed so that the force required at standard pitch is the same for each string.

Here at Upton Bass, we are partial to the Garbo Bass String.  Garbo's are a bit thicker in diameter and have a true gut string feel with a silk core and copper winding.  Garbo's offer a little more pizzazz than the Anima's, providing a rich loud tone, and are great for a nice big thumpy traditional jazz sound.  Roots (Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Folk) players also enjoy the Garbo's for it's ease of playability and a nice pop when slapped.  For the pizzicato or arco player looking for gut-like sound Anima Bass Strings are quick to respond and still provide some growl.  Velvet's Blue are a bit easier on the wallet, and are great for the beginner or student upright bass player.  If you're looking for that classic orchestral tuning string, Velvet offers Compas 180's which are great for traditional arco. 


Rufus Reid
Hans Roelofsen
Herve Jeanne
Eric Revis
Steve LaSpina
Jim Stinnett
Shannon Wade
Waddell Edwards
Giovanni Sanguineti
Banz Oester
Enrico Fagone
Eric Lagace

Can't find the bass accessory you're looking for? Call Upton Bass at 1-860-535-9399 or eMail us at sales@uptonbass.com and we would be happy to assist you in making the the right selections for you and your bass!

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 Upton Bass String Instrument Co. offers a huge selection of quality accessories for the double bass.  Upton Bass is bass player owned and operated, and all of our items are ones we actually use.  The knowledgeable staff of bass players at Upton Bass String Instrument Co is always just a phone call away for ANY questions you may have 860-536-7555.  You can also contact Upton Bass by email at sales@uptonbass.com

Anima Double Bass Strings by Velvet
Anima Double Bass Strings Velvet Upright Bass Strings

Gut-like core material of the Anima Bass Strings offer a well-balanced tone and unique range 

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Price: US$316.50

Garbo Double Bass Strings by Velvet
Garbo Double Bass Strings Velvet Upright Bass Strings

Garbo's solid core features unique tone especially in the mid to lower frequency range, offering vibrant and rich sound with an impressive punchy volume. 

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Price: US$316.50

Blue Double Bass Strings by Velvet
Blue Double Bass Strings Velvet Upright Bass Strings

Blue Double Bass Strings have a synthetic core instead of natural silk 

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Price: US$186.00

Compas 180 Double Bass Strings by Velvet
Compas 180 Double Bass Strings Velvet Upright Bass Strings

A classic orchestral tuning string with modern textile fibers that provide a full deep sound. 

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Price: US$349.50

Double Bass Wolf-be-Gone
Double Bass Wolf-be-Gone

Bass Wolf-be-Gone 

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Price: US$12.00

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