Each Upton Bass custom build, from the straightforward to the exotic, results in a unique instrument that will have a musical life unlike any other. These upgrade options represent many of the possibilities available to taylor your instrument exactly to your style and musical requirements. Please note, some of these options come standard on our premium models – for example, all UB basses except the Bohemian Model now include a Deluxe Top. Of course, the UB Travel Bass has a removable neck! For stylistic reasons the Mittenwald Model comes standard with Hat Peg tuners and the Concord Model comes with Prescott-style scroll plates.

Irving Sloane Bass Tuning Machines


In 1987 Sloane Irving patented a new design for classical guitar tuning machines, to eliminate gear backlash. He designed the machines to look better and work better than any others. Soon afterwards he utilized his wealth of knowledge and redesigned these patented machines for the string bass.

The central aspect of the patent is the built-in handle tensioning system. The system is a simple nut and washer assembly at the base of the handle that not only allows for variable “feel” while tuning but also for quick and inexpensive handle replacement. But there is so much more to the Irving Sloane Bass Machines.

Key features of the Irving Sloane Bass Tuning Machines:

  • Cast bronze with stainless steel worm gear
  • Fine tooth gearing (50:1), precision tooled for exceptional smoothness and accuracy
  • Patented construction for easy adjustments of friction to equalize all four strings
  • Available handle styles: Original Cello, Winged Italian and English Baker. These handles are easily interchangeable.
  • Available with two different core materials – brass or, starting this year, light-weight aluminum.


Set of Four: $599.00
Set of Five: $705.00

Please note: Antiqued finish available at additional charge



Upton Bass

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Upton Bass

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Upton Bass

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