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Pirastro Obligato Double Bass String Set, Obligato Upright Bass Strings

Pirastro Obligato Double Bass Strings      US$438.30 US$220.52

 Pirastro Obligato Double Bass Strings are a proven all around double bass string that bows well and has a great pizzicato response.
Obligato bass strings

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  • Obligato bass strings
  • Pirastro Obligato Double Bass Strings
Pirastro Obligato Double Bass Strings, a well known string here at Upton Bass that we have been offering and recommending for years to our clientele, thousands and thousands of sets sold and installed.  Great for many styles, the obligato really can do it all; classical, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Slap, Rockabilly and more.  The obligato is a great performer and reasonably priced and a perfect string for the multi-style upright bass player.  We're not saying the obligato is the end all for every style listed above but a reasonably priced do-it-all string that's been well loved and reviewed for years.  If your looking for a bass string that exceeds in a specific playing style give us a call and we will happily guide you in the right direction.  1-860-535-9399

Pirastro Obligato Double Bass Strings are a proven all around double bass string that bows well and has a great pizzicato response.

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Gary's Thoughts:

"A great all around string, very safe and down the middle, a good beginners string with a bit darker sound.  Flexible and dark but not remotely close to gut.  In comparison to an all steel string one could argue the Obligato has a "gut like" sound but in reality this is a steel string with a nylon core NOT a substitute for a real gut sound although it may achieve that for some players.  This string can growl for jazz, thump for bluegrass, and then be bowed with ease...a very nice attribute."

Customer reviews:

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Manufacturer Description:

brilliant sound
big tone, powerful volume
easiest response
perfect set harmony
suitable for arco and pizzicato
resistant to changes in temperature
and humidity

Styles applicable for:

Classical, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Folk, Rockabilly, Country

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