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Double Bass Pickup Revolution Solo Upright Bass Pickup

Revolution Solo Double Bass Pickup      US$189.00

The Revolution Solo Pickup for Double Bass. Transparent tone, astounding clarity, accurate tonal reproduction and booming volume
Revolution Solo Double Bass Upright Bass Pickup

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  • Revolution Solo Double Bass Upright Bass Pickup
  • UB Rev Solo Pickup
  • UB Rev Solo installation showing slight curve in bridge wing contact point
  • Clean Appearance of a Rev Solo Installation
  • UB Rev Solo Components
  • UB Rev Solo Spruce Piezo Biscuit
  • UB Rev Solo Kit

Are you a double bass player in search of a great pickup for your double bass?  Something clear and able to produce your sound?  Look no further.

The Revolution SOLO Double Bass Pickup is organically constructed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your bass. Each of our Revolution Solo (or "Rev Solo" as they're called around the workshop) bass pickups are handmade with European Spruce in our Upton Bass workshop. The Revolution Solo is a “transparent” pickup, meaning that it sounds like which ever bass it’s installed on. The Revolution Solo Double Bass Pickup does not presuppose that a player’s primary need in a pickup is a “big bass” tone. Instead, the Revolution Solo Bass Pickup allows for consistent mid and high ranges as well as a clear, booming low-end sound. 

Giving you your sound, natural and un-voiced. 

The Revolution Solo bass pickup is not constructed of heavy, sound-deadening materials such as metal, rubber or epoxy found in nearly all other bass pickups.  Its simple Patented design provides clarity and accuracy from the tonal center of your bass. 

***As a result of the natural composition of the pickup, it will not change the acoustic sound of your instrument, nor will it interfere with your basses setup!***

If you are searching for natural tone and realistic presence, experience The Revolution SOLO Double Bass Pickup. The only double bass pickup that is aesthetically and tonally true to your double bass. (Patent#:  US7,319,188 B1)

Over years of installing the Rev Solo, we have found that a slight curvature of the bridge contact points results in the best sound, with a squeezed "hot spot" directly on the piezo in the middle of the pickup biscuit (under the "RS")

The Revolution? SOLO II Double Bass Pickup Upright Bass Pickup    The Revolution? SOLO II Double Bass Pickup Upright Bass Pickup

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BECOME ONE WITH YOUR SOUND - Experience The Revolution SOLO Double Bass Pickup




     *We have found some basses perform better when amplified with some minor after-length dampening (the black tube in pictures above) 


"I put the pickup on my second bass and it really sounds very good. I was impressed also by the overall output volume. I think you have a good product, sir!"
- Rufus Reid.

"The sound of the pickup, on both pizzicato and arco, is really true. And it's not just the sound, but also the feel. By this I mean that when I'm playing the bass with the pickup attached, it feels like I'm playing acoustically, getting the full vibration response from the bass, rather than just a pickup sound from the strings. This is fantastic, especially when I'm using the bow. When I use the bow with other pickups, I feel like I can't really play into the string, so I don't get the full response of the vibrating string, resulting in a loss of tone coloration, natural dynamics, etc. With your pickup this problem is greatly diminished; I'm playing through an amp, but the attention is still on the sound of the music and the bass, not on the pickup. Rhythmically, too, there is an immediacy of response to the attack, and sound that really reproduces the feel of playing acoustically. To sum it up, for the quality and simplicity, not to mention the price, this is simply amazing - affordability for such quality!"

- Ken Filiano, NYC jazz bassist 

"I  was in the studio recording a film score and I used the pick-up along with a mic and the sound was really great; the engineer even commented on how good my bass sounded. That was a good sign. I used the pick-up again at a gig in town, and it sounded very clean and the gain was not an issue. I actually compared it with the Full-Circle and it is much louder. This is something that I was looking for. I am very happy with your product and now I only wish I hadn't bought another Full-Circle for my other double bass. I will keep you posted; there are more gigs in town that I will use it on and I am very excited.

-John Herbert, NYC jazz bassist

"This is the best upright bass pickup I have heard in 30 years as a recording engineer and live sound mixer. It sounds natural -- like a high-quality studio microphone -- but without the leakage and feedback. The tone is very deep yet defined... not boomy, not tinny, not hollow.  The included afterlength dampener tightens up the sound in a wonderful way. Congratulations on your clever and elegant pickup system!"
Bruce Bartlett , http://www.bartlettrecording.com



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*Due to the custom nature of the installation of this pickup, we cannot accept returns.