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Upright Bass Pickup Cable, Bass Cable, Guitar Cable

Welcome to the selection of Double Bass Cables at Upton Bass.

No matter what equipment you have, you're going to need a quality cable. Look no further, we've got you on this one as well.

Remember, the knowledgeable staff at Upton Bass String Instrument Co is always just a phone call away for any questions you may have at 860-535-9399. You can also contact Upton Bass by email at sales@uptonbass.com.  We look forward to assisting you in finding the right accessories for your bass.

Find the Bass Amplifier that will Match You Bass Transducer or Bass Pickup Perfectly

A great bass and amp get all the glory, but the bass accessories do the hard work. Here at Upton Bass we carry bass pickups to get your fantastic sound and high quality cables that can take care of the load. Without great quality in these two items, your fine instrument and playing will not come through. Shop for your bass pickup and cables here at Upton Bass.

Here at Upton Bass we carry the AI Contra Bass Amp, which is in our opinion the sweetest little amp for your upright bass. No matter what bass pickup or bass transducer you have, the reproduction you get with the Contra is exceptional.

We provide bass accessories of the highest quality and we feel that these amplifiers provide great tone, transparency, and fidelity. Too many times have musicians worked countless hours for a show only to have the backline gear fail them. Upton Bass knows how much time you've spent and wants to supply you with equipment that will do the job.  Pair the Acoustic Image Contra with the Revolution Solo Bass Pickup and you have a match made in heaven!  That's the first choice combo Gary, Double Bassist founder of Upton Bass uses, shouldn't it be yours?

Instrument Cable - Double Bass Cord, Guitar Cord
Instrument Cable - Double Bass Cord

Double Bass Instrument Cable: you have your bass, pickup, and amp. Next you'll need a good quality cable to plug yourself in! Standard "guitar cord." 

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